What is ETFE?

ETFE, also known as, ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer, insulated wires, and cables display excellent material toughness, electrical properties and good resistance to heat, flame, and chemical radiation.

Features & Advantages of ETFE Cable & Wire:

In terms of heat resistance, the ETFE wire can go up to 150°C while the wires display good flexibility and resistance to abrasion. The ETFE wires we have available come in single insulation and dual insulation options.

  • The dual-layer options offer layers with contrasting colors to provide users with a clear visual indication of abrasion or mechanical damage during service or installation
  • Insulation helps resist to high ph cleaning fluid & other chemicals
  • Withstand extreme temperatures from -65°C to 300°C for a period of 7 hours.

Common Applications of ETFE Wire & Cable Insulation:

  • Aerospace (using thin wall ETFE extruded wall insulation as found in MIL-W-22759 (16, 18 or 19)
  • Electronic Applications
  • High-energy radiation environments

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