Portable Cord & Service Cable is primarily used in indoor and outdoor portable industrial heavy duty tools, machinery, compressors, conveyors, automated food processing equipment, motors, temporary electrical power supply, medical equipment, cordage of equipment, battery chargers, portable lights, welding, mining, large appliances, and washdown facilities applications. These conductors have been rated by UL to ensure that they are safe and resistant to use in high heat, high abrasion applications and environments. At National Electric USA, we offer several portable cord & service cable & wire options: SEOOW, SJEOOW, SJOOW, SJOW, SJT, SJTOOW, SJTOW SJTW, SOOW, STOOW, STOW, STW & SVT cable; with various UL ratings so you can find the right fit for your needs.

Below, you’ll find links to our UL listed portable cord and service cord, wire & cable followed by our categorized full selection.

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