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SJEOOW 10/3 AWG portable cord is constructed with stranded, bare copper conductors. Its thermoplastic elastomer insulation makes it heat, abrasion, weather, water, interior and exterior oil resistant, allowing it to pass the CSA FT2 flame test. With a minimum and maximum temperature of -50°C and 105°C, as well as a rated voltage of 300V, it’s ideal for indoor and outdoor temporary power uses, portable industrial machinery, compressors, conveyor, and automated production equipment.

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545 in stock

National Electric USA‘s quality SJEOOW 10/3 105C 300V – black cable are a part of the portable cord product line. Our wide range of SJEOOW 10/3 105C 300V – black cable can be seen used throughout a large number of industries such as but not limited to the access control, appliance, automotive & transportation, AV, earth moving, construction, agricultural, electronics, energy, environmental, factory automation & robotics, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, maritime, watercraft, medical, military, pool, spa, hot tub, residential, commercial, sporting goods, telecom, gas grill, stove, and many other industry applications. At National Electric USA, we stock and can procure several cable variations and options that may interest you.

Letters Definition Description
S Service Cord Service Cords are for tough applications of up to 600 volts and has the ability to be utilized in replacement of SJ and SV in extremely tough and abrasive applications.
J Junior Cord Junior Portable Cords are for less tough applications where voltage rating is below 300 volts. Some variations of J cords are, SJTSJEOOWSJOOWSJOWSJTOWSJTOOW and SJTW.
E Elastomer Abbreviated from thermoplastic elastomer, E, is a malleable thermoplastic that resembles rubber’s appearance and texture utilized to manufacture cord insulations. Moderate-duty elastomer polymers function in a superior way, compared to thermoplastics, in cooler settings. Any service cord without a Thermoplastic or Thermoplastic Elastomer material is composed of thermoset insulation, making it a much heavier insulation compared to thermoplastic ones. SEOOW as well as SJEOOW are a few cord types that fall between these categories.
OO Exterior and Interior Insulation and Jacket Oil Resistance Exterior and interior insulation material that is resistant to oil based substances. Variances of exterior and interior Oil-resistant cords include SEOOW, SJEOOW, SJOOW, SJTOOW, SOOW and STOOW.
W Weather and Water Resistance Portable cords that have solely a W are approbated to be used in exterior and interior settings where not only climatic factors such as daylight and humidity are present but also water. Cords that fall into this category include SEOOW and SJOOW.


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