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UL 3321 10 AWG 105 Strand 150C 600V – Tinned Copper


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UL 3321 10 AWG cross-linked hook-up wire is constructed with stranded, tinned copper conductors. Its tough irradiated cross-linked pvc insulation makes it heat and impact resistant, allowing it to pass the CSA flame test. With an 150°C maximum temperature and 600V rating, it’s ideal for use in internal wiring of appliances, transformers, heating systems and lighting systems.

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National Electric USA‘s quality UL 3321 10 AWG 105 Strand Tinned Copper 105C 600V wire is a part of the cross-linked, hook-up & lead wire product line. Our wide range of UL 3321 10 AWG 105 Strand Tinned Copper 105C 600V wire can be seen used directly or indirectly throughout a large number of industries such as but not limited to the appliance, electronics, factory automation & robotics, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, medical, gas grill, stove, and many other industry applications. At National Electric USA, we stock and can procure several cable variations and options that may fit you application or interest you.

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APPLIANCE WIRING MATERIAL UL for UL 3321 10 AWG 105 Strand Tinned Copper 600V wire
Subj.758 Section 3 Page 3321 Issued:1977-05-25
Style 3321 Single conductor with extruded insulation


Rating 150 deg C, 600 Vac, 750 Vdc, Horizontal flame.
Conductor 30 AWG – 4/0 AWG, solid or stranded.
Insulation Extruded XLPE
Conductor size Minimum average thickness Minimum thickness at any point
30 – 9 AWG 30 mils 27 mils
8 – 4 AWG 45 mils 40 mils
3-2 AWG 60 mils 54 mils
1 – 4/0 AWG 80 mils 72 mils
Covering Optional, treated or untreated braid.
Standard Appliance Wiring Material UL 758.
Marking General.
Use Internal wiring of appliances.

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